We are able to provide Enterprise level Business Management software to small businesses at a price they can afford. 
We can do this because we develop software that only requires 10% of the lines of code that other providers would charge for. 

Strategic Consulting 

Identify growth opportunities and streamline operations… 
Mergers and Acquisitions 
IT and Cloud Transformation 
Data as a Service (DaaS) 
Data Centre Migration 
Disaster Recovery Assessment 
Software and Platform as a Service Migration 

Sustainable Architecture 

Your IT can be a driver of business growth rather than being an anchor holding your business back… 
Application Architectural Framework 
Infrastructure Architectural Framework 
Component Library 
Micro Services and Domain Driven Design 
Security and Privacy by Design 
High Availability 
Disaster Recovery 

Transformation Road map 

Prioritise opportunities that deliver the greatest value in the shortest time… 
Governance Framework 
Communication Framework 
Apolitical Advisory Services 
Transforming Applications 
Expertise When Needed 
Transforming Infrastructure 
Understanding Pricing Models 

Trellis Components 

Pre-built components that can jump start projects and reduce development effort, cost and risk… 
Customer management 
Human Resources 
Claims Management 
Pricing Management 
Order Management 
Patient Management 
Product Development 
Property Management 
Supplier Management 
Fleet Management 
Knowledge Management 


Build and deploy adaptive services to create and maintain a competitive advantage for your business… 
Flexible Workforce 
Continuous Improvement 
Fast Time to Market 
Beyond Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) to Continuous Functionality (CF) 
Code as Data 
Competitive Advantage Focus 
Custom Service Creation 
Relentless Innovation 


Reliable and flexible business solutions based on modern DevOps and ITSM/ITIL best practices will empower your business success… 
TRELLIS Application Service Component Support 
Custom Build Application Support 
Performance Tuning Advisory Services 
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) 
Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) 
You can book a call right into our diary at a time that's convenient for you. 
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